If you’ve ever gotten lost–whether as a child separated from your parent or taking a wrong turn that’s led you to an unknown place–you understand the feeling of unease and fear that can happen.  While it’s not a pleasant experience, it’s usually an awakening to the importance of staying close to mom and dad or paying attention to your surroundings so that you can make it safely home–that place of protection.

Those in the faith are prone to stray, despite our best intentions.  As a result, we feel ashamed of our struggles and may feel judged by others.  Here’s the hard truth that some in the faith don’t want to admit…it’s okay to feel lost.  There isn’t something wrong with you.  It doesn’t make you “less of a Christian.”  Because the reality is that we all lose our way.

More importantly, feeling lost is what draws you back home.  Our past pulls at us…this world entices us…circumstances beckon us to stray off the path.  Never do I feel more at peace than when I’ve stumbled my way back into the safe and loving arms of Jesus.

I’m a lost soul who daily messes up.  Some days worse than others.  Yet I have the comfort of knowing that home is just around the corner.  I may get diverted by the actions of others, the problems of this world or my own choices…but I know my way home.  And I know who is waiting there, to welcome me back.

We’re ALL a little lost.  We ALL need to find our way home.

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