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Lost.  Confused.  Without a sense of direction.  And yet…a knowing of the way home.  Perhaps a few detours are taken.  There may be some treading on rough terrain.   But eventually home is reached.


Whenever a follower of Christ hears the word “lost,” they almost always think of the unbeliever.  The truth is, that believers can find themselves spiritually lost as well.  The reasons differ.


Never would I have imagined such a struggle in my own life, not nearly 20 years into serving Christ.  Yet that is exactly where I found myself more than a year ago.  A lost soul making her way home.


I was lost spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally.  Disappointment, death, bad news, family crisis, unexpected changes, difficult decisions…these were just some of the things to come at me in a relatively short amount of time.


Yet never did I forget my way home.  That is what kept me on the right path, even if at times it didn’t look that way.  And it’s what brings me to write this blog.


Everyday we live this life, we’re in a spiritual battle–regardless if we recognize it.  Behind the scenes there is a battle waging for our soul.  It doesn’t have to be the big stuff that trips us up. The “little” things can do this as well–anything from apathy towards others, to struggles with gossiping or just striving to make a difference in this world.  We get in the way.  The pull of this world gets in the way.  Our journey home (to our final destination of heaven), will remind us of the many ways we remain lost.  Yet God finds us right where we’re at…and He continues to beckon us home.


Whether everything is going just fine (at the moment), you’re facing a few challenges or going through the most difficult season of your life, my hope is you will discover that never is God more present than when He feels the furthest away.  You are not alone!  He will help you find the way home.


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