I Got Issues, You Got Issues, We All Got Issues

Several years ago, I taught a workshop on marriage at my church.  True to my style of teaching, I was honest and raw.  I’ve never been much of a sugar coater, which can be uncomfortable for some people.  One woman, within earshot, made a negative comment to another woman about what I shared.  Apparently, she felt it was TMI (too much information).


Despite hearing lots of positive feedback from others who attended the workshop, I was fixated on the one negative comment, which caused me to question what I shared.  Is there such thing as sharing too much information?  Definitely.  I don’t deny that.  But I had prayed about the message I would share and talked with my husband about the content.  I had peace and now a negative comment was threatening to steal it from me.

Thankfully I didn’t dwell too much on it because quite honestly, my philosophy is this:  I got issues.  You got issues.  We all got issues!

To me it makes no sense to pretend otherwise.  I think that some people try to hide their issues because they fear what others will think.  They portray the put together, super spiritual family…yet behind closed doors it’s chaos.  Others fear that it will blow their witness if people see a Christian family struggling.  All the while, they look more like hypocrites than anything else.

The world needs to know that I have issues.  It needs to know that you have issues.  How can anyone see a need for God when they’re convinced you have to be perfect?  How can they get a glimpse of grace when they’re not exposed to your struggles?

What better example can the world have than to know that you’re really not perfect, and your family isn’t perfect—but you have a Perfect God who will hold you up when you need the strength…who will forgive when you’ve messed up…who will see you through the storm…who will transform your mind, heart and soul.

Sometimes we feel alone in our struggles.  We’re embarrassed by our circumstances.  But the greatest testimonies come out of those times.  Don’t let fear stop you.  I got issues.  You got issues.  We all got issues.


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