Praise…Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

It might sound doable, when in the midst of a trial to pray even when you don’t feel like it.  But to actually praise God when everything is going wrong?  Now I’m asking too much…right?

Praying or praising isn’t easy when faced with difficulties.  I won’t pretend otherwise.  But I go back to Job, who not only lost his wealth, health and the lives of his children…but his wife said he should curse God and die.  Talk about pouring salt on an open wound!

Job didn’t curse God, as many do when things go wrong in life.  He did the opposite.  He praised God!  Not for the circumstances He was in but for the majesty of who God is—which didn’t change despite all he lost.

I will never forget walking into my friend’s house the day after her husband was tragically killed in a workplace accident to the sound of worship music playing.  She lost not only her husband but her best friend.  They had just become empty nesters and were ready to finally have their time together.  In a heartbeat, he was taken away.

Who feels like praising God when death has taken a loved one away?  My friend recognized the importance of worshipping despite her circumstances.

The early morning hours when I left the hospice after watching my father die, I didn’t feel like praising God.  But it was like my heart had an urgency to declare God’s goodness.  So, with tears running down my face, I blasted worship music the whole way home.

We make deep connections with music.  That’s why it’s so important we’re careful about the types of music we listen to.  My spirit is lifted, regardless of what’s going on, when I listen to uplifting worship music.

But praise is more than music.  It’s continuing to declare God’s greatness even when things aren’t going great.  We don’t have to necessarily praise Him for the struggles we’re facing but we can praise Him for the way He will work through them.  We praise Him because He is worthy of it, despite our trials.

Trials got you down?  You may not feel like it, but praise Him anyway.  At your weakest, Jesus will show His strength through you.


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