Embracing God’s Will in the Midst of a Trial

One of the more difficult things to embrace in the midst of a trial is when God’s plan is completely different than your own, or it doesn’t seem to make sense.  Yet the sooner we welcome His will, the better equipped we’ll be to deal with the process of the trial.

When our family fought a custody battle for our granddaughter that lasted over a year, we experienced quite a few obstacles.  I would say I wanted God’s will done…but my reaction to what that sometimes meant demonstrated otherwise.  The truth was that I wanted God’s will to be done but it had to line up with what I thought was best.

A friend in my prayer group directed me to a song called “Even If” by MercyMe.  I could relate to so much of it—how I was losing bad (as others with wrong motives seemed to win) and how sometimes God would leave mountains unmovable (we just couldn’t seem to get breakthrough).  Yet the plea is that no matter what, our hope would remain in God alone.  That we could say all is well with our soul.  Yes, God can do anything—but even if He doesn’t, will we find the strength to embrace His will?

I won’t pretend this is easy.  I fought it with heels digging in and with a great deal of anger.  How could wrong get rewarded and doing right bring pain?

I’m convinced the trial lasted as long as it did because I fought it for so long.  My stubbornness and what I believed was right became greater than my faith in God.  He loved me enough to keep me in that place until my eyes were finally opened and I came to the realization that He was everything I needed.

Once God broke me (because that was what needed to happen), the focus became seeking Him for the strength to accept His will.  And one day, in the most unexpected and unexplainable manner, everything changed for good.  A hopeless situation became a miracle.  I learned that fighting against God’s will gets you nowhere.  Embracing His will grows our faith and draws us closer to Him.

If you’re going through a particularly difficult trial, take time to listen to this song “Even If.”  Let it minister to your heart and soul and know that even if God doesn’t change a thing, He is our only hope in this world.

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