Although I’m not a very competitive person, I don’t enjoy personal failure.  It’s not as big of a deal if someone else gets the promotion but if I get it and don’t do well, I’ll spend a lot of time rehashing my mistakes.


I don’t know anyone who gets a kick out of failing.  It feels bad…sometimes leading to shame, guilt and regret.  Yet there is good that can come out of failure.  Some of the hardest yet most profound lessons are learned through our mess-ups.


Those that fail at marriage might think it’s not possible to ever succeed and so they give up hope of ever having a loving, satisfying relationship.  However, taking an honest inventory of those areas that contributed to the breakup, can set you on a course toward a second chance at real love.


Failure at a job can cause doubt in one’s ability.  Yet time spent in personal reflection might reveal things we could improve upon.  As a result, a better opportunity may come our way.


Many of us have felt like a failure at one time or another with parenting.  While some mistakes are just part of the territory, others could be a result of deep-rooted issues that may be uncovered with time spent in prayer and self-examination.


There’s a recurring theme in these examples.  Not one alludes to someone else being at fault for our failures.  Instead, the focus is on self…looking within to find where growth, change, or confession may be the catalyst to go from failure to success.


Oftentimes we view success as everything going right.  Things come easily and there’s no real effort that we have to put forth…it all just falls into place.  While this might feel better, it doesn’t grow us as a person.  Failure puts us on alert that something needs attention.   It touches the places deep within our soul that only God can fix.


You may not find it easy to welcome failure, but you can embrace the wonderful work that results from it.  You can be a willing participant of God chiseling away the heart of stone and illuminating the heart of flesh within.



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