A REAL Family with REAL Problems

When I started this blog, I was coming out of a really difficult time in my life.  It was almost as if I was in a midlife spiritual crisis.  Life dealt some hard blows and although most of those circumstances are now behind me, I’ve learned that the battles never really stop.  Not as long as we’re on this earth.


I have a real family with real problems.  Children who are wayward.  Family members who are divorced, addicted to drugs, and other types of turmoil.  Sometimes the brave face is hard to put on.  Some days it feels like I can’t deal with yet another issue.


Discouragement is a battle I face often.  When it gets the upper hand over me, anxiety becomes a serious issue.  At one point, it consumed me to such a degree that I had to seek medical help.  Then shame tried to move in by making me feel bad that God wasn’t enough.  That was a lie.  It had nothing to do with that.  A cancer patient still takes medicine.  A sick person still goes to the doctor.


I had to take care of me before I could take care of my family.  God has been more than enough.  He has carried me through some pretty dark days.  He has strengthened me when I felt weak and unable.  He has guided me when I had no answers.


Believers don’t get a pass on difficulty.  We have real families that go through real problems.  Yet we have an advantage because we don’t have to rely on medicine or anything else to get us through.  God provides a variety of helps…but the bottom line is that we have a faith that sustains us unlike anything else.  We have the promise of a better tomorrow.  We have the assurance of one day all tears being wiped away and the end of death.


We have a hope that the world doesn’t have…and one that we need to share with them.  Not having it all together speaks louder than acting as if life is perfect.  We don’t do others a favor by pretending that faith means a problem-free life.  Faith is what carries us through this problematic life.


It’s okay to be a real family with real problems.  Because we serve a real God with real answers.


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