The Painful Side of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t always about homemade cards, roses and brunch at your favorite restaurant.  Sometimes it’s about loss, pain and heartache.  It’s so important we acknowledge those who may be hurting.
Some have lost a child.  It’s a tragedy I can’t even begin to imagine.  I won’t even pretend to understand this type of loss.  For this person, Mother’s Day is a painful reminder of what is no more.   Others have experienced a miscarriage, a pain I’ve personally experienced.  The ‘what could have been’ never seems to completely go away.
For others, Mother’s Day could just as well not exist.  They have yearned to have a child but the womb has remain barren.  It feels unfair.  The ache of empty arms is too much.
Others are experiencing a Mother’s Day without their mom.  An empty place in the heart that can’t ever be truly filled.  The longing to go back and do everything over again.  To better appreciate the time while you had it.
Relationships fractured by distance or strain can make Mother’s Day a painful holiday.  There’s little chance of celebrating the day together, let alone receiving the obligatory phone call.  Regrets weigh heavy.
While we’re celebrating, let’s not forget some of our own painful Mother’s Days.  Even if we’ve managed to escape that unwanted club, may we not neglect to acknowledge someone we know who is hurting. 

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