My Personal Resurrection

I always enjoy the scene of Jesus ascending into Heaven…the applause starts in my heart and moves to my hands, as I celebrate His resurrection.  From cruel suffering at the hands of men and death on the cross, to a glorious homecoming in the Heavens.  Sin once and for all nailed to the cross, His blood spilled out for me.


Sometimes, we can hear the story so often that we become almost too familiar with it.  To the point, it becomes just that…a story.  We relegate it to something that only applies at Easter.  Yet it’s a yearlong truth—a daily truth of our personal resurrection.  When we miss this, when it becomes so much a part of us that we forget it’s significance…we fall into complacency and ungratefulness.


Daily I need to be reminded that when Christ ascended into Heaven, it became my personal resurrection.  Resurrection from the pit of hell.  Resurrection from the grip of sin on my life.  Resurrection from defeat.  Resurrection from loss and heartache and pain.


Regardless of what’s going on in my life…despite the hardships or trials I face, the reality is that Christ has resurrected me.  If everything goes wrong.  If nothing changes.  If life brings disappointment.  If I don’t live to see another day…I have the assurance of being resurrected from this sinful earth to a glorious heaven.


Yet daily I need to recognize my personal resurrection.  I am not defeated.  I am not without.  I am not alone.  I have the victory in Christ.  I have all I need in Him.  He is always with me.


This Easter I am trying really hard to focus less on what’s wrong in my life and more on my personal resurrection story.  I’m trying to stop seeing the stories about Palm Sunday and the Last Supper and Good Friday as nothing more than a recounting of the past.  Because it’s my present.  It’s my future.


Here’s what I really love about Jesus ascending to Heaven.  In Acts 1:9, we’re told that Jesus was taken up before the eyes of His disciples.  That means they had to look up.  Maybe we all need to do a little more looking up.  What’s your personal resurrection story?


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