Sharing the Unpublished Chapters of Our Lives

“We all have chapters we would rather keep unpublished.”  (Downton Abbey).


An insightful line from one of my favorite television series that I kept tucked away, waiting for the right opportunity to share it.  And I would guess, is a true statement for most of us.


At times our life reads like a drama, sometimes as a comedy or an adventure.  But other times…well, parts of our story I’m sure we’d rather erase.  Or at the very least, keep secret.


The truth is that I have quite a few chapters of my life I would rather keep unpublished.  Seasons and moments that I made choices or said things I can’t undo or take back.  Messy…hurtful…haunting times.


I believe God is the Author of our life story.  At the same time, I believe we are co-writers, so there is some ownership in what we do with it.  Very few chapters are truly meant to be unpublished.  Because the truth is that many of those painful times can be used to help others…to grow us…to change the world.


Could it be that in your attempts to hide some of your story, what you’re really doing is preventing someone from not feeling alone?  From not realizing that others know what it’s like?  From not understanding the reality of healing and reconciliation?


Could it be that in your attempts to forget those parts of your story, what you’re really doing is stunting your own spiritual growth?  Failing to give glory to God for what He has taken you through?  Or missing an opportunity to recognize how far you have really come?


Could it be that in your attempts to rewrite some of those chapters, what you’re really doing is lying to the world?  Failing to show how light shines in even the darkest times?  Not giving those around you the chance to know the remarkable person you are?


Yes, we all have chapters we’d rather keep unpublished.  But could it be that God has something different in mind for you?  That in being an open book, it may open the path to His love and grace?


The enemy would love for us to believe that some chapters of our lives should remain unpublished.  Yet I believe those are the very parts of our story that can have the greatest positive impact on others.


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