The Cost of Doing You

It’s taken me many, many years to get to this place…
that place where I do me.  And I believe it’s important that you do you.
Let me tell you something about living this way.  It requires a great deal of bravery and confidence.  Bravery to do you when others have their own idea of how that looks and what that means.  Confidence to do you in the midst of uncertainty and fear.
Most of my life has been spent doing what I thought others expected or wanted of me.  Some of that I had no control over but much of it has been of my own doing.  Undoing a lifetime of living up to other’s expectations or wants has come at a cost.  You have to be willing to pay the price in order to do you.
I’m going to keep this very real
Doing you may cost relationships.
You aren’t going to win a popularity contest in doing you.   You may lose friends or even the respect of others.   I’m finally at that place where I can say that it doesn’t matter what others think.  I answer to God.  What I do may not make sense to someone else, but if I believe it’s the direction God is taking me, then I’ll take that risk.  And if I’m wrong, I’ll be the one to deal with the consequences.
Doing you will help to sift through your relationships and discover which ones are genuine.  You will learn who is going to be there no matter what and who you can truly depend upon.  It’s a learning experience, let me tell you that.  It can be painful…very painful when these truths are uncovered.  But those momentary feelings are worth the cost, because it’s the path to unearthing the brave person within.
Doing you may result in costly decisions.
There is a lot of risk involved in doing you.  Some mistakes are nothing more than small blunders but others are monumental.  It’s easier to go with what others are doing because if you mess up, the blame can be placed elsewhere.  But when you go solo, there is no one but yourself to blame.  This can hurt your pride.  It can create doubt.
Yet those costly decisions oftentimes result in the greatest growth as a person.  They become learning opportunities. But even better, they lead to a greater dependency upon God.  Understand this, doing you isn’t a solitary act.  It’s a walking side-by-side, in step with God kind of thing.  It’s a letting Him lead the way as you closely follow kind of thing. It’s a looking back and seeing how God has your back kind of thing.
In the divine sense, you’re never alone.  But in the humanness of it all, you can end up feeling very lonely.  Yes, doing you has a cost but it also has a greater gain. 

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