Let Go

She slipped out of my hands.  The pull of the current was too strong.  I couldn’t reach her.  Desperation enveloped me as I attempted to grab at something, anything.  But she didn’t fight to make her way back.  She seemed to accept her fate, her mouth not saying a word but her eyes telling a story.  “Let me go,” they seemed to plead.  Never mind my screams that pierced the dark night.

She doesn’t want to be rescued.  My attempts to intervene unwanted.  Quickly and yet at the same time it seems like slow motion, she is drifting away.  Our eyes lock, mine pleading for her to come back and hers pleading to let her go.

For a time I run along the banks—she’s still in my sights and although I know she isn’t safe, there is some reassurance because I can at least see her.  I haven’t completely lost her.  Maybe around the bend a branch will catch her and I can make a daring attempt to bring her back safely to the shore.  I will die trying! 

Yet it seems the more I try to keep up, the faster she drifts away.  What scares me the most is that she seems to have no fear.  She sits back comfortably, unaware and unafraid of the dangers that lurk ahead.  No concern regarding the unknown.

While initially she seemed alarmed at our separation, now she appears almost relieved.  As this reality hits me, in a panic I realize that now she’s nothing more than a dot…I can barely make her out because she has gone so far from me.  But there is nothing—absolutely nothing I can do.  It’s out of my hands.  She’s gone.  No possibility of a rescue.

Exhausted from my efforts, I fall to the ground.  The tears flow freely.  But a gentle breeze comes along and wipes them from my face.  The sun is shining so brightly I now have to squint.  Warmth envelopes me.  Peace floods me.  Comfort surrounds me.  And suddenly I know—that although she’s out of my reach—she is safe in the arms of my Father.  My tears like prayers He collects in a bowl.  The sun a radiance that gives light to even the darkest moments.  And the warmth of my Father’s love that reminds me of hope.

She is not completely lost.  He still has her in His sights.

I get up from the ground, brush off the dirt and look not in the direction I last saw her…but heavenward.  I don’t have to worry.  I don’t have to fear.  As great as my love is for her, His is even greater.  He’s got this.  He’s got her.  I can truly let her go because He never will.


NOTE:  Taking a little break from the Prodigal Child Series I’ve been doing, as God laid this on my heart to write and I wanted to share.


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