When the Apology Is Long in Coming

 There’s something extraordinarily special about a long awaited apology…when you have come to the conclusion it will never happen.  So you suck it up and move on.  Perhaps even continuing to deal with the same issue that warrants an apology—and yet it doesn’t come. Week after week.  Month after year.  Year after year.  Yes, sometimes even decade after decade.


You would think that after waiting so long, an apology would lose its effectiveness.  As if!  You should have apologized years ago!  And yet, there’s a sense of holiness that invades the closed off walls of your heart…almost like a dam bursting open, in which grace has gained entrance.  Time suddenly doesn’t matter.  The offense could have just as easily happened yesterday, the acceptance of the apology is so immediate.


Its closure to something unresolved.  Healing to an open (sometimes gaping) wound.  The end of the matter and yet the beginning of something new.


Don’t shirk the possibility of an apology coming…or dismiss the idea that you could ever accept one late in coming.  And please don’t underestimate the power of forgiveness when it comes to a long buried hurt.  Resurrection has no time limits when it comes to God. 


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