Less Reflecting and More Deflecting

The end of the year/start of the New Year is for many people, a time of reflection.  We look back on what we accomplished and what we didn’t.  We feel good about some things, while regrets weigh heavy.  For some it’s a year they’d love to do over again…and for others, it’s a year they’d rather forget.

To reflect on something is to think deeply about it.  This can be a very good thing.  But oftentimes we get stuck on the whole reflecting part of a New Year.  We keep looking back instead of forward.  We vow to make changes that frankly, we feel pretty incapable of making.  We get so caught up in our past mistakes that we can’t let go.

This year I’ve determined to do less reflecting and more deflecting.  When we focus on the past, it can make looking to the future difficult.  I don’t want to become entrapped in regret and remorse.  So instead I choose to deflect.  The dictionary defines this as:  the act of changing or causing something to change direction.

A personal example that I can share is deflecting the way I have handled certain people—thorns in the side of our family.  My go to has been anger.  Frustrated and stressed by yet another problem, I immediately get caught up in my emotions.  For me, deflecting will mean that I first stop and take a deep breath.  Then I will say a prayer, asking God for whatever it is I need in the moment…strength to handle a situation, control over my tongue, letting it roll off my shoulders or however else I feel led.  Instead of my emotions directing my response, I will allow God to take the lead.  And if that doesn’t work, I will text my prayer group and ask for them to pray me through the situation!

Deflecting means having a plan in place.  Being ready.  Determining to change course.  Seeking God for guidance on what that means and how it looks.

Deflecting can be used to improve our health, draw closer to God, break bad habits and whatever else in life needs change.  I’d love to hear from others your thoughts on this and how you might do less reflecting and more deflecting this year.


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