Why God?

A question that rattles every fiber of my heart.  A question asked not in doubt of God’s goodness but because of His goodness.  In our humanness we can’t help but equate the goodness of God with a good life.  It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  A good God would only give good gifts and only good things would happen.

Yet the reality of bad stuff and bad people and bad days…it can make God’s goodness questionable.  I don’t believe asking the why question is a sign of weakness in one’s faith as some people might suggest.

When bad stuff happens—such as one of my best friends losing her husband in a tragic industrial accident—asking “Why God?” is perfectly normal and acceptable.

When bad people happen—such as our family dealing with a person who’s making a situation in our life much more difficult and stressful than it needs to be—asking “Why God?” makes sense.

When bad days happen—from the moment you open your eyes until you finally fall back into bed at the end of an exhausting day—asking “Why God?” is logical.

It’s not the question that messes with our faith.  “Why” isn’t big enough to tear away the core of our beliefs.  It’s what we do with the answer that can increase or diminish our faith.  And if we don’t receive an answer, it’s what we do with that.

Did my friend ask God why He had to take her husband?  Yes.  But less than a week after losing him, she was in church, lifting her arms to the Lord and singing His praises.

Do I ask God why this particular person has to be such a thorn in our side?  Yes.  But I also know that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood and this has to be taken to God in prayer.

Do we ask God why bad days happen?  Yes.  But they don’t define who we are as a believer.

Don’t be afraid to question God.  King David certainly had his own questions for God (just read the Psalms).  He can handle the questions.  Whether or not you receive an answer, He will guide you through whatever difficulty you’re facing.  In the end, you will see that regardless what life brings, God is good!


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