Why Does God Say Yes…but Wait?

Sleepiness weighs heavy.  I try shifting my granddaughter in my arms, with the hopes she’ll open those beautiful eyes…but she doesn’t budge.  Not until I mention “Auntie” does she sit up and open wide those eyes.  She is looking toward the front door.  She understands enough that Auntie comes through that door.  My mistake was to mention “Auntie” 10 minutes before she was due to arrive.  Now she has to wait.

Try telling a 14-month-old to wait.  Try telling a 40-something-year-old to wait.

I Samuel 16 tells the story of David being anointed king.  God said yes.  But David would wait a long time before the crown would ever touch his head.  In fact, the journey to get there would be paved with challenges and obstacles.

Waiting is not something I’m very good at…and I suspect is true for most others.  Even when I do show some measure of patience, my idea of waiting is a few hours or at the most a day.  Beyond that?  It becomes much more difficult.

Why say yes if you’re only going to make me wait?  I believe that when God makes us wait, it could be for one of the following reasons:

He’s growing the fruit of patience in our lives.  I know this is a pretty obvious possibility, which can be easily dismissed.  But pruning is part of His process and if it’s an area we struggle with, prune He will.

He knows what we need in order to grow in Him.  Waiting can be a great lesson in our spiritual growth.  It requires trusting in God’s timing and His way.  As our faith in Him grows, self-reliance diminishes.

He wants us to be still before Him.  There is a divine silence that occurs when waiting.  During this time God may want us to learn the art of being still before Him, instead of attempting to direct His steps.

He needs to prepare you.  You may need to go through some things first…physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, relationally or spiritually.  This could all be part of the preparation process.

He wants to teach you something about yourself.  During the wait, we may discover some things about ourselves we never realized.  For instance, we may see how waiting causes us to react negatively toward others (getting short or snippy).  Or how we put more faith in people or situations than God.

When God says yes, but we have to wait…trust there is a reason for it.  Have an open mind and willing heart.  Discover what God wants to do in and through you during this waiting season.  Allow things to unfold in His perfect timing.  You’re going to have to wait anyway, so why not make the best use of that time?


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