The Enemy Has Been Defeated!

Truth grabbing hold of your heart as you declare, “Cause the enemy has been defeated…”  These words are part of a song we used to sing in church.  I remember always feeling a sense of victory and hope no matter what I was facing.  It’s a declaration of Satan’s demise.  And in case you’ve been living under a rock, he has been having a heyday with this world lately.

Not only nations of this world, but our communities and neighborhoods.  In our homes and even our churches.  He is dividing the nation, groups and races.  If you’re “for” one side, then you must be “against” the other side.  Values are getting twisted with hate.  The monstrous acts of men, women and yes, even children are inconceivable.  Perversions of all kind permeate our television and computer screens.  What you once wouldn’t cross are now blurred lines.  Right is wrong and wrong is right.  Good and evil are so intertwined we no longer know the difference.

Cause the enemy has been defeated

Loss of life through senseless acts of terrorism.  Earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes that devastate lives.  Families that become victims of murder-suicide because there seems to be no other way out.  Babies sexually assaulted.  Young children hooked on drugs.  Girls and women sold as sex slaves.

Cause the enemy has been defeated…

Children who walk away from their faith.  Who give in to the ways of this world and compromise their standards.  Parents who don’t lead by example and who spend more time with their devices than with their sons and daughters.

Cause the enemy has been defeated…

It’s hard to see how the enemy has been defeated in the midst of a messy, tragic and chaotic life.  As believers we have to consciously recognize that Jesus is the One who has defeated the enemy.  If you have lost some of your faith, grab hold of what you have left—even if it’s no bigger than a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20).  Small steps of faith lead to bigger steps of hope.  Jesus is the burden bearer and it’s where we find victory, where we experience freedom…as we lay the troubles of this world at His feet.



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