When the Problem Is Really a Solution

When nothing goes right…or feels right…or IS right, it can feel like you’re facing one problem after another.

Hours cut back—that’s a problem.  Hefty car repair bill—that’s a problem.  Sickness going around the family—that’s a problem.  Marriage stuck in a rut—that’s a problem.  Small problems are annoyances.  Big problems are downright frustrating.

But what if what we see as a problem is really the solution?  On the surface that doesn’t make sense.  How can a problem be a solution, when the problem is causing us to seek a solution?  Perhaps that’s the real problem, our attempt at finding a solution to a problem God has allowed to happen.  (Note:  You may need to read this paragraph a couple of times to get what I’m trying to say.)

Perhaps a little backstory to this might help.  Not long ago, I was praying (more like complaining) about how it seemed like we (husband and I) were experiencing one problem after another with one of our offspring.  I’m not talking day after day of problems, or even week after week.  I can’t even say it’s been month after month of problems.  Try year after year.  Literally.

It’s exhausting.  Physically.  Emotionally.  Spiritually.

So back to my prayer complaining.  A thought came to me—which totally had to be God because I would NEVER think this—what if those problems are really solutions?  It caused me to stop and consider what that might mean.  Maybe those problems are the way to greater dependence on God.  In growing as a person.  In learning to value life.  In appreciating what you have.  In becoming a strong person.  In developing a forgiving spirit.

And if that’s the case with my offspring, could it be true in my own life?  Are some of my problems really solutions?  Why do we always assume a problem is just that?  Could God be trying to get our attention?  Is He trying to teach us something?  Or perhaps He is trying to protect us from something?

I don’t have the answers to these and many other questions that make their way into my thoughts.  What I do know is that God is faithful.  He has a way of doing things that don’t make earthly sense but have eternal significance.  At the very least, it’s caused me to reconsider how I look at my problems…in that maybe, just maybe, they are really solutions.


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