Releasing the Burden

The weight bearing down on me.  A burden I’m so tired of carrying.  There is an answer…a way to lighten the load.  Yet I choose—truth be told, it is my choice—to continue carrying it.  Senseless.  It’s like refusing to take medicine that will make you feel better.

Carrying a burden I want to release…yet having difficulty letting it go.  Holding desperately to the very thing weighing me down.  It makes no sense and yet in our humanness, it makes perfect sense.  It’s how we work.  It’s how we function.  It’s how we deal with things.

Not until we invite God into the difficulty, do we see another way…the not-always-easier way of handling life’s challenges.  But ALWAYS the most freeing way.

It’s really up to us to decide—when we’re truly ready to release the thing that has a hold on us—which seems shackled to us, yet the padlock is wide open.  All we have to do is drop the chains and walk through the unlocked prison door.  We’re only chained by our own self-defeat.  We’re only locked by our own self-doubt.

Releasing the burden means releasing self and grabbing hold of God.  Releasing lies and holding onto truth.  Releasing expectations and anticipating God’s goodness.  Releasing the burden is the key to freedom.


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