Pressing through When Hard Pressed

It brings out the best in me.  But it also brings out the worst in me.  Motherhood.  Never is one pressed harder physically or emotionally than when challenged as a mom.  Emotions pressed hard.  Heart pressed hard.  Beliefs pressed hard.

Pressed hard when running on little sleep because the baby’s days and night are mixed up, or the youngun’ is sick with a fever and cough.

Pressed hard when homework time becomes a battle.  Or the juice gets spilled…yet again.  Or the walls get colored on with permanent marker.

Pressed hard with the bickering…the inability to follow simple directions…the whining…and the backtalk.

Pressed hard when the driving lessons start…the introduction of the first boyfriend…coming home late from curfew…when poor decisions are made.

Emotions pressed hard can run amuck.  The heart pressed hard can break.  And beliefs pressed hard can be questioned.

Yet in these times of being hard pressed, there is a way of pressing through.  It’s God’s Word in our heart, bringing hope to the soul.  It’s God’s grace giving us the ability to endure.  It’s God’s peace seeing us through the challenges.  And it’s the promises of God giving us assurance.


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