Confession without Conviction

Regret weighs heavy.  Words better left unsaid…better yet, left un-thought.  Isn’t it in the mind that it all begins? Interpreter of other’s intentions.  Assumptions about what that person meant.  Even if I’m right about things—do I really have to respond?  Could I not just hold my tongue?


But it’s untamed…a blazing fire that consumes everyone in its path.  Poison that slowly kills relationships and devastates hearts.


This unruly part of me is not quite as destructive as it used to be—thanks be to God!  His sanctifying work has done wonders in me the past couple of decades.  Yet I’m not a finished work, which means it still wields its ugly head at times.


When at one time I felt justified after giving a tongue-lashing, now I feel like crud.  That’s a good thing.  I feel convicted, which is the key to change.


Sin—whether it’s the tongue, thoughts or attitudes—can be confessed time and time again.  Yet without conviction, we’ll continue around the same mountain.  We’ll find ourselves confessing over and over again, with no hope of victory.  It’s not until we truly get the implications of our sin, understand its impact on others and how it affects our relationship with God…that we can ever hope to be an overcomer.


Still…it’s not enough to feel bad.  We have to purpose to change course.  And we need to be wise about how we do that.   Whether it’s taming the tongue or some other area of our lives, God will show us the steps we need to take.  All we need to do is ask.  SEEK Him on a daily basis for help in overcoming your sin…moment-by-moment if necessary. Confess your sins.  And then be ready to receive His grace.  Jesus paid too high a price for you to not accept it.


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