The Battle for God’s Peace

Unworthiness…worn like a heavy cloak.  Not easily shucked off, it’s weight hard to bear.  What is the remedy?  How do I get rid of it?  Is there any relief?


Perhaps the better question is finding the root cause of the burden.  How can one feel unworthy when there is nothing but grace?  Grace is what lifts the sick soul from that desolate place.  A failure to grasp God’s grace is a result of not having God’s peace.


Sin is like a cloud that overshadows the peace of God.  You can’t see His peace, let alone experience it…because sin hides God’s peace.


Yet in the midst of our struggles, we don’t understand this.  We only know there’s an irking inside our soul, an inner battle that wages.  And we’re waiting for “someone” to come deliver us, to set us free, to let us know it’s going to be okay and we haven’t gone too far.  We know that Jesus is the answer, yet He seems so out of reach.


Here’s the good news…it doesn’t matter what we understand.  Why?  Because Philippians 4:7 tells us that the peace of God transcends all understanding.  His peace goes beyond our earthly perception.  It’s incomprehensible to us.  And even though most of us greatly dislike the vulnerability of being in this position, it’s where God can do His greatest work.


Philippians 4:7 goes on to tell us what God’s peace will do for us.  It will GUARD our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  It’s that kind of protection we need to overcome the sin in our lives.  A guarded heart and mind is the key to victory. 


So when we have God’s peace…it won’t matter what our spouse says to us, how terrible the day starts out, if the car breaks down, or we’re dealing with a cranky kid.  His peace will guard our heart so that we don’t respond unkindly, take it out on others, complain or lose our patience.  His peace running through us will reign over our thoughts and tongue.


God’s peace will help us handle the daily challenges that come our way.  But it will also help us navigate through life’s more difficult problems—death, poor health, broken dreams, financial ruin.  It’s God’s peace that helps us shrug off the heavy cloak of unworthiness.  And in turn, put on the garment of His grace.


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