God’s Strength Is Greater than Your Fears

Worries about miscarrying.  Sickness that gets worse instead of better.  Backstabbing friends.  Struggles in school.  Bullying.  Emotional outbursts.  Slamming doors, followed by “I hate you.”  First car accident.  First heartbreak.  Silent treatment.  Joining the military.  Off to a foreign land.  An overdose.  Depression.  Teen pregnancy.


Nothing has brought more fear to my life than being a mom…from the time I carried them in the womb until seeing my first one off.  And no, the fears don’t go away when they leave home.  In fact, they oftentimes increase.


In certain seasons I’ve been consumed by those fears.  To the point of sickness, with little to no sleep and at the expense of relationships.  I’ve isolated myself.  Blamed others.  Felt angry at God for my circumstances.  Wanted to run away.  Can anyone else relate?


At my weakest, however, I’ve also discovered strengths within I didn’t know existed.  Not my own, but strength derived from Christ living inside of me.  Raising me up when I was down.  Giving me hope.  Covering me with assurance.  Helping me to put one foot in front of the other and taking it day-by-day (sometimes moment-by-moment), if necessary.


Trust in the only One who can deliver me from my fears and give me the strength to overcome them.


Sometimes it’s small reminders of God’s faithfulness.  Other times He steps in and performs a mighty miracle.  Regardless of what it looks like, when it takes place or how it happens…I know that God’s strength within me is greater than any fear.  This realization gives us the courage to face today and whatever comes tomorrow.


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