The Dread and Joy of Unexpected Seasons

She has truly been an unexpected joy to my life! (Yes, that’s my beautiful granddaughter).

Flowers budding before their time.  Warm weather in the winter months.  Living in Wisconsin sometimes I encounter unexpected weather patterns.  It can throw you off kilter and depending on the change, bring a sense of dread or joy. (NOTE:  Dread when winter comes early and joy when spring comes early).


Like unanticipated changes in weather, we can experience unexpected seasons in our life.   Some will cause dread and others will bring joy.  It’s even possible that an unexpected season will start out with dread and turn to joy.


News of becoming a grandma.  That was an unexpected season that brought dread.  The circumstances weren’t ideal…certainly not part of my plan nor in my timing.  Yet it’s turned into a season of joy.  It hasn’t been easy, there’s been a lot of sacrifice, with some twists and turns that have complicated matters.  But God wasn’t caught off-guard. None of this was a surprise to Him…which means it’s all in His hands and I can trust Him to carry me through this unexpected season.


Unexpected seasons come in all ways—newly married or suddenly divorced.  Receiving a promotion or losing your job.  Health-wise, at your best or news of a devastating diagnosis.  Welcoming a new bundle of joy or weeping over the gravesite of a loved one.


Seasons of life can be comfortable and smooth sailing.  Or suddenly you’re stretched thin and it’s one problem after another.


Good or bad, these unexpected seasons will require adjustments.  They can affect us physically, emotionally or spiritually (and sometimes all three).  Regardless of the impact, it’s important to trust God.  After all, nothing is a surprise to Him.  What we don’t expect, He already knew.  What has brought dread, He can turn around for good.


And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. —Romans 8:28



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