The Spaces In Between

On the surface it looks good. It even smells good. Clean.  But ahh…upon closer inspection, the spaces in between, there’s dust and maybe some dog hair. A little grime.


It’s easy to make the surface look clean.  But get on your hands and knees, upon closer inspection the truth is revealed. Unseen, hidden dirt.


Isn’t that just like us?  The spaces in between what others see and what’s true?


One time my daughter tagged me in a photo on Facebook.  It was a picture of a Chihuahua with its teeth bared and the caption read, “Your Mom at Home”.  Next to it was another picture of the same Chihuahua, but with the sweetest look on its face.  The caption read, “Your Mom in Public.”  Funny.  But to be honest? At times, true.


My husband sees some of the spaces in between.  The same is true for my children and others close to me.  But there are even deeper spaces they don’t see.  Parts of me that only God knows about.


Psalm 139:1 – O Lord, you have searched me and known me!


In some ways it can be scary, that God knows us so intimately.  Imagine if He decided to broadcast everything about us on live television!  Most of us would rather crawl under a rock.  But I take peace in what He knows.  It means I’m not alone.  I don’t have to deal with the spaces in between by myself.  There is One who can CLEANSE those unreachable parts.  Jesus reaches to the deepest parts of our soul and draws out (in the right timing), the hidden yuck.


Sometimes it requires a vigorous scrubbing, which may cause some temporary pain.  Other times it’s with gentle, soothing strokes that He cleanses.  The one thing that is consistently true is that it’s done at the right time, when He sees fit to go deeper.  Trust Him with the process.  Trust Him with the spaces in between.


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