When You Fall…Get Back Up!

Not my granddaughter but she sure is cute! And she's getting back up again.
Not my granddaughter but she sure is cute! And she’s getting back up again.

Sunday morning.  I’m in the bathroom getting ready for church when I hear my one-year-old granddaughter complaining from another room.  Amazing how I’ve come to recognize the different tones of her baby babble.  She was definitely not a happy camper.  And then the sound of my daughter’s voice, offering perhaps her first real words of wisdom as a mom.

“You’re going to fall down sometimes.  You just have to get back up.”

My own mother heartstring was plucked in that moment…her words creating a symphony of awe and delight.  Awe at the truth spoken—not as a trite saying—but from a place of experience.  Delight in hearing my daughter share a powerful truth, even if my squawking granddaughter was more concerned about the misstep that resulted in her bottom hitting the floor.

The words remained stuck in my mind throughout the morning.  It was like a song you can’t get out of your head, not that I wanted to…after all, it was a reminder to my 40-some-year-old self that it was time to get back up.  My entire family had taken some hard falls in the last year—in fact, some of those challenges continue to knock us about.  Yet we don’t have to be down for the count.  We just have to get back up.

I’ve always believed that life’s challenges serve a greater purpose than causing inconvenience or making us unhappy.  Shifting our focus from the way those challenges affect us personally (the whole “woe is me” mentality), to something much bigger, we find it easier to get back up again.  And what is that bigger?

First, life’s challenges create a greater awareness of God’s goodness.  Hmmm…that somehow doesn’t make sense.  How can God be good when things are bad?  Isn’t He the one that caused the bad?  I’m so glad you asked because that is one of the issues I plan on tackling through this blog.

Second, life’s challenges create opportunities to make a difference in someone else’s life.  Wait a minute…are you telling me that my miseries are meant to help someone else?  No thank you.  I’d rather be comfortable than have my life turn into a lesson for someone else.  Ouch.  That’s kind of harsh.  But let’s face it…it’s how many of us feel.  Again, an issue I want to dig deeper into through this blog.

Until next time, here’s a fun song called “Get Back Up” by TobyMac that is sure to not only get you back up but moving and grooving.


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