Forgiveness Isn’t an Event

I’ve had to forgive a lot of people in my life—from small slights to gigantic betrayals.  I’ve also heard a lot of teachings on forgiveness and read quite a few books.  Let me tell you something…experience is a better teacher. There isn’t a formula or one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to forgiveness.  Every circumstance is … Continue reading Forgiveness Isn’t an Event


Closed for Construction

I have been closed off the past few months—from people and activities.  At times closed off from the marriage that’s in the process of healing.  Family members going through huge struggles.  Even my prayer group and church. While it sounds like I could wear a sign that says, “Keep Out!”—the reality is that it’s more … Continue reading Closed for Construction

50 Years of Lessons Learned

It’s kind of hokey, but I couldn’t resist.  If I’m going to turn the big 5.O... yep, that’s right, it’s my birthday month and I am turning 50!  Then I might as well share some of the wisdom I’ve gained from living so many years. Lesson 1 – It’s not really true that the only … Continue reading 50 Years of Lessons Learned

Mad at the Devil!

Recently I had to write a very difficult letter.    It’s called an “impact letter,” which is a way of sharing your thoughts on the impact a loved one’s addiction has caused.  I wrote this letter on behalf of a close family member who is currently in rehab. To be honest, I was angry at this … Continue reading Mad at the Devil!

The Million-Dollar Question

In a recent post, I shared about a situation that was more than I could handle.  While it’s not a subject matter I plan to spend a lot of time on, nor do I care to go into details about…I did feel it was only fair that I answer, “the million-dollar question.” Did I stay, … Continue reading The Million-Dollar Question

When What You Know Becomes What You Live

I “know” a lot of things.  I know the importance of washing your hands to ward off germs.  I know the need to always be right doesn’t help develop healthy relationships.  I know that budgeting my money is smart. While I may know these things, if I never wash my hands, I’ll get sick.  If … Continue reading When What You Know Becomes What You Live

God DOES Give More than You Can Handle

We’ve all heard the saying, “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.”  The implications behind this statement are noble and certainly suggests that God is not a cruel task master in our lives.  But the reality is that 1) it’s not true and 2) it’s not biblical. There is a particular verse in … Continue reading God DOES Give More than You Can Handle

The Gift You Don’t Want

I love gifts (who doesn’t, right?).  They don’t have to be something extravagant or expensive.  Just the thought that goes into a gift is enough for me.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  My first Christmas as a married woman was pretty disappointing, and is something we laugh about to this day. No jewelry or sentimental … Continue reading The Gift You Don’t Want

A Fractured Family Doesn’t Have to Mean a Fractured Faith

It’s been a minute since I’ve last posted—more like a month—with no specific reason other than a lack of inspiration and managing both the ordinariness and chaos of life.  Coming off Thanksgiving, all I can really say is that it definitely wasn’t a Norman Rockwell scene at my house.  And in talking to others, learned … Continue reading A Fractured Family Doesn’t Have to Mean a Fractured Faith