The Comfort of Rituals

It’s Saturday morning and I’m looking forward to my weekly ritual.  Besides running errands, it’s the one day a week I splurge on my two favorite breakfast items—a sausage McMuffin and hot Caramel Macchiato from McDonalds.  Every Saturday.  Without fail. My fuel for creating! I’m also drinking out of my designated Saturday coffee cup.  Yes, … Continue reading The Comfort of Rituals

The Bigger the Hurt, the Bigger the Climb

I love walking and I really enjoy hiking; but I’ve never been a fan of navigating steep hills.  I always seem to lose my footing, along with my breath!  And I’m never really sure if that branch, I’m grabbing onto, can truly keep me from plummeting. This past year has felt like one big climb … Continue reading The Bigger the Hurt, the Bigger the Climb

Inner Peace in the Midst of Chaotic Circumstances

As if it’s not bad enough we’re living in a chaotic world, many of us are also battling personal challenges.  Some that existed before Covid-19 and others a result of it. Chaos causes confusion…which can result in making poor decisions. Chaos steals our peace…which can lead to depression. Chaos messes with our emotions…which can result … Continue reading Inner Peace in the Midst of Chaotic Circumstances

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss!

We’re all familiar with the saying, “Ignorance is bliss.”  This phrase means that you don’t have to worry about something if you have no knowledge of it.  The word “bliss” is defined as great joy or perfect happiness. Now thinking about societal issues, it doesn’t sit right with me that ignorance should cause us to … Continue reading Ignorance Is NOT Bliss!

The Lens We See Things Through

There’s a lot of things I will never understand… How it feels to be targeted. Why people react so differently to injustice. How the wrongs of one (or more) can automatically put others into the same category. My inability to understand is a result of the lens that I see things through, based not only … Continue reading The Lens We See Things Through

Those “When” Moments

The text I sent to my prayer group: “When the ‘other woman’ contacts you and it’s a good thing you have Jesus in your heart.” Every “when” moment gives us the opportunity to respond in the flesh or in the Spirit. At what time have you experienced a “when” moment…that defining instance where you have … Continue reading Those “When” Moments

What Does It Mean to be a Mom?

It means entrusting our children to God and then taking them back. It means overwhelming joy and unexpected levels of anger. It means confidence and insecurity. It means a willingness to give all and a yearning for time alone. It means feeling in control and losing all control. It means bright days of joy and … Continue reading What Does It Mean to be a Mom?

You Don’t Have to Be a Victim

When someone does us wrong, it’s natural to feel like a victim.  The label seems fitting and it usually elicits sympathy from others.  The wrongdoer is the bad guy and we’re the good one. As humans, this is normal and to be expected. The problem is when we stay stuck in the role as victim.  … Continue reading You Don’t Have to Be a Victim

Living in the Gaps

Life offers no shortage of disappointments.  Here in my state of Wisconsin, the governor has decided to extend the “safer at home” order for another month.  One side is breathing a sigh of relief and the other side is protesting.  Regardless of personal opinions and motivations, the reality is that we’re all living in a … Continue reading Living in the Gaps