Ignorant Compassion

I’m not sure if you know this…but you can be ignorantly compassionate.  I have been ignorantly compassionate.  And I have also been the victim of someone else’s ignorant compassion. So, what exactly is ignorant compassion?  Compassion in itself—to feel concern toward others—is a good thing.  Especially in a world that is desensitized to the plight … Continue reading Ignorant Compassion

Instagram Is Not Your Story

In a general sense, social media serves a positive purpose and yet it can also be a detriment.  This becomes most obvious when we are going through difficulties, because everyone’s social media story looks pretty rosy while our life feels like it’s going down the drain. Suddenly your challenges are mocked through the pictures you … Continue reading Instagram Is Not Your Story

Praising God in the Pits

Let’s be honest…sometimes life is the pits.  Last week definitely felt like that.  As if the demise of my marriage wasn’t enough, I found myself stuck with a $1,100 car repair bill. Early morning, on my way to drop my son off at work and then heading to work myself, I was going down a … Continue reading Praising God in the Pits

When the Doing Becomes Your Undoing

I’m always hesitant to reference the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible because it’s so familiar.  We get the gist of what it’s about.  Mary chose to sit under Jesus’ feet to hear His wisdom, which was more important than Martha concerning herself with domestic things. But bear with me because recently I … Continue reading When the Doing Becomes Your Undoing

Finding True Love

It’s a timeless struggle for women—to be fought for.  Pursued.  Wanted. Even for a self-sufficient woman such as myself, it seems to be ingrained into our DNA that we are needed by someone else.  Whether it’s a romantic relationship, or the acceptance in a friendship…in general, women like to be the delight of others. Yet … Continue reading Finding True Love

We’re All in Recovery

There’s nothing more inspiring than hearing someone’s testimony on how God has changed a life, set someone free, or delivered them from an addiction. I have been subscribed to BeautyBeyondBones for a long time.  I can’t recall how I stumbled upon this vibrant, genuine, young lady who shares not only her ongoing recovery with anorexia … Continue reading We’re All in Recovery

It’s Time to Take Back What the Enemy Has Stolen

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy… John 10:10 We all have a very real enemy—it’s Satan.  And his agenda includes nothing but taking what doesn’t belong to him, permanently wiping us out and wrecking everything good in our lives. Some things we don’t have much recourse, such as the complete and … Continue reading It’s Time to Take Back What the Enemy Has Stolen

Praise through the Pain

It's oftentimes the last thing we think about in the midst of heartache--to offer God praise.  It doesn't sit right and it certainly doesn't feel right.  Yet the reality is that it's the right thing to do.  It's all about perspective. Does God only deserve praise when things are going great?  When everything is going … Continue reading Praise through the Pain

Practical Ways to Forgive

Tucked into Psalm 37, I recently discovered practical ways to work toward forgiveness…an issue in my life that has felt more like a war inside my heart than one of God’s commands you simply obey. I have found nothing simple about the process of forgiveness.  It has been hard.  Confusing.  And sits like a boulder … Continue reading Practical Ways to Forgive