Deserving What You Get

Common scenario in my home when the four grandchildren are over.  One of them takes a toy from the other and in running away, falls. Both are crying but the one whose toy was taken calls out, “That’s what you get!” Surprisingly (or maybe not), it’s a common sentiment among adults.  If you do something … Continue reading Deserving What You Get

Get Out of Your Way

Two weeks.  In light of eternity, that’s nothing but a blip on the radar screen of our life. Yet in the midst of that timeframe, it can feel like a life sentence. I’m kidding (somewhat).  We are nearing the end of a two week quarantine my daughter was forced to take.  Let me amend that.  … Continue reading Get Out of Your Way

Let It Go

Having three granddaughters, it’s no wonder I’m subjected ad nauseam to the well-known hit “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen.  Good song, for sure.  But when you’ve heard it a thousand times, well, it starts to sound more like nails on a chalkboard. Speaking of granddaughters…last weekend my patience (whatever was left of … Continue reading Let It Go

Not Just Doing It, But Doing It Well

Sometimes I feel like the “Little Train That Could.” The old tale of an engine who adopts the mantra, “I think I can,” while attempting to get over a high mountain. My mountain is having my daughter and four grandchildren (ages 7, 5, 3 and 1) come stay with me for what should be 10 … Continue reading Not Just Doing It, But Doing It Well

A Better Version

Going into 2023, I ask myself, “How can I become a better version of who I am?” This seems the most attainable pursuit as a middle-aged woman. Change becomes harder as the years pass, but improvement is always possible. Here are some ways I’ll strive to become a better version of me in 2023: Say … Continue reading A Better Version

A Look Ahead

I’ve looked back and now it’s time to look ahead. I’ve always been a sucker for new…new school supplies, new books, new binge-worthy TV shows.  And yes, a new year. Never one for resolutions, I tend to gravitate toward adopting a “word” for the new year. This year’s came early for me, so I’ve already … Continue reading A Look Ahead

Solitude and Rest

I took this picture last year. Surprisingly, here in my part of Wisconsin, we’ve yet to receive any significant snowfall. I’m not complaining. The snow in this picture covers a lagoon that in the warmer months teems with life. Fish jumping. Geese swimming. Ducks quacking. Turtles rustling at the water’s edge. The stillness at the … Continue reading Solitude and Rest

Making Room for Jesus

Every Christmas I find myself longing to experience the spiritual element of this time of year. Some years I really miss the mark. Caught up in the gift giving and cookie making, just as there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn, no room in my heart for Jesus. Other years my … Continue reading Making Room for Jesus

The Impact of Isolation

It’s been just over a month since starting my new office job, and I must admit two things: My mental health has gotten so much better; and I didn’t realize how much my mental health was suffering. In general, my default is to self-isolate when going through difficulties. I withdraw from people and avoid social … Continue reading The Impact of Isolation

An Offended Society

I’m two weeks into my new job, which I love. It’s a great company to work for, awesome coworkers and a lot of variety with my job tasks. All of this has helped greatly in making the transition from fulltime work-at-home to now fulltime work-in-an-office and navigate-traffic-jams-nearly-every-single-day. My very first morning of driving to work, … Continue reading An Offended Society