Why God?

We’ve all thought it.  Maybe we’ve said it aloud.  Why God?  Why me?  Why this?  Why now? I tend to think we’re less interested in the answer, than we are in using this question as a cover for what we’re really thinking… I have been serving you faithfully for years, God.  It doesn’t seem right … Continue reading Why God?


Just When I Thought I Would Crumble…

I just have to share this blog, that was written when the author was going through a rough time. It speaks so perfectly to the difficulties I’ve been facing recently. And I can imagine, you will be able to relate to as well. In the end, it all comes down to trusting God. No matter what is happening around us. No matter how things appear. No matter how much the enemy tries to trip us up. Be blessed and encouraged by this post!

Following Him Beside Still Waters

Just When I Thought I Would Crumble…

Image Credit: Aimee Vogelsang via Unsplash

The hedge of protection had been removed; suddenly I was vulnerable like Job. The enemy started to beat me until my heart cracked. I cried out to God to patch the cracks, but I received no answer. I trusted in Him, asked for Him to stay with me through it, not knowing His plan; and continued on.

Image Credit: Maxwell Young via Unsplash

Soon, I was under fire. The fiery darts of the enemy pierced me, leaving holes in my soul. I cried out to God to patch the holes, but He did not reply. I wondered if this was His plan or was the enemy trying to have his way? I fought in His name and prayed, but also trusted in Him.

Image Credit: Zoltan Tasi via Unsplash

The voice of the enemy came and tore…

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When A Good God Doesn’t Stop Bad Stuff

Every single day our senses are assaulted by the bad things happening in this world.  You would have to avoid all forms of media to escape the reality of this truth.  Most of these events don’t touch us personally, so it’s easy to get past our feelings and move on.  But what if the bad … Continue reading When A Good God Doesn’t Stop Bad Stuff

When You Feel Ready to Break

I can probably count on one hand the number of times in my life that I’ve truly felt like I was at my breaking point.  Despair casting away any glimmer of hope.  A heart that has been crushed and feels broken beyond repair. These moments feel like they’re going to last forever.  There seems to … Continue reading When You Feel Ready to Break


I’ve been missing in action for one reason but as a result of several circumstances.  Ever get to that point where life feels so overwhelming that if one more “bad” thing happens, you’re going to like…really, really lose it?  Where you’re literally holding on by a thread? That’s where I’ve been. I have been MIA … Continue reading M.I.A.

Trusting the Journey

It was a little distracting…the exchange taking place in the row ahead of me.  Although I really wanted to shut myself in with God during our worship time, I couldn’t help but watch the situation unfold. It was a mom with her two boys, who I would guess to be about 8 and 10 years … Continue reading Trusting the Journey

Captive or Captivated?

I’m a little hesitant in writing this post because of concerns that what I’m trying to convey could be misinterpreted.  Know that I come from a place of imperfection and as someone who is still growing in the faith.  With that, I have a question for you: Are you being held captive by the world … Continue reading Captive or Captivated?

The Prison inside My Mind

I will never forget the first time I stepped inside a prison.  My stomach was in knots.  Not knowing what to expect, imagining the very worst and questioning why I’d ever agreed to do this in the first place…my instinct was to back out of this crazy commitment. That was about 10 years ago when … Continue reading The Prison inside My Mind

When it’s Okay to Quit

I’ve quit a lot of things in life.  When I was younger, much to my parent’s dismay, I quit clarinet lessons not long after I started.  When I was older, uncertainty about what I wanted to do resulted in quitting college. I’ve quit things when they got uncomfortable or challenging.  I’ve quit trying when relationships … Continue reading When it’s Okay to Quit